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Google web searcher Alta Vista (US)
FAST web searcher (Oslo) Meta360 web meta-searcher
Yahoo - UK site A set of WWW search engines
The Invisible Web collection of databases Librarian's Index - many annotated resources
AlphaSearch direct gateway site list Direct Search - invisible web search
Mamma meta-searcher and phone numbers etc HotBot
Search - Scottish recruitment Help with finding an e-mail address
UK business directory via Scoot Encyclopaedia Britannica - net index
Royal Society information Technology Foresight : ITEC page at Edinburgh
MIT's Usenet address search engine ZDnet's Internet address search engine
US e-mail, phone and address listings European Countries main pages
NewsLink - online newspapers, etc Health and vaccination information
Weather reports worldwide Expedia travel booking
Travel4Less travel booking Sky Deals flight booking
ABTA members guide and useful information Worldwide airline links
Worldwide airport links Hotels - over 100,000
The major hotel chains - around 200 British Midland - you can book seats online
KLM - booking etc British Airways - booking etc
RailTrack UK railway timetable QJump - book railway tickets fast
Currency exchange rates as tables - Xenon JISCmail national academic mailing lists
Technology Ventures - Scottish university ventures Trendy Magic and its Mysterious Rabbit
Links to a lot of dictionaries : plus thesauri and so on Research-it tools: languages, currency, geography, etc
The Wikipedia free editable online encyclopaedia NISS noticeboard - jobs, conferences, etc
Accomodation in London for scientists (Novartis) Higher Still information
Cambridge alumni info Lots of UK maps online
Lots of maps of other countries Xerox PARC map server for world maps
Domain name info via Allwhois UK universities/colleges (full list)
US universities/colleges (A-C) US universities/colleges (D-L)
US universities/colleges (M-R) US universities/colleges (S-U of D..)
US universities/colleges (U of E..-Z)

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