Split Interactions 2011 was hosted by the Arts Academy, Split and was organised by Ivica Mitrovic.


This installation sought to connect the past and present enabling citizens of Split to express their opinions on local issues.

The concept of hybridity in the city was explored in the space where digital projections meet analog space.

Historical figures, synonymous with Split, were used to give a voice to the issues and concerns of todays inhabitants of the city, for example Dioklecian, Ivan Meštrovic & Siegmund Freud. These individuals represent the city spirits who will, by re-living on the walls, “tell” people how they feel about city today and so trigger their minds. By projecting sculptures and messages, idea is to make people stop, look, read and re-think.


Have you ever been to a social network? Have you ever seen something that you liked, approved or disagreed with on the internet? A city is in many views just like a person. It has it’s ways, it’s colours and apperance, it’s character, history, present and future, it has it particularities that make it one of a kind. Social networks are one of the most effective ways to communicate, interact, socialize, learn and have fun online. What if we could make an entire city like a Facebook profile? If you could have a physical wall, just like the digital equivalent on Facebook, where you could write and comment on anything that is going on around you? Why would you limit yourself with a keyboard and computer, when you could walk around the city on a sunny day, having a good time and share it with the other citizens right there and then? What if you could just show right away what you like and don’t like on the spot, and everyone that would pass by could see that? We’re designing a hybrid platform, called Splitbook, where social interactions would happen and the city identity will merge with the everyday life of the citizens.

The Labyrinth

This project sought to disrupt the familiar patterns and routes of people in Split. The idea was to make people reflect on their habits, rituals and expectations. The installation took the form of a labyrinth accompanied with a net of unconnected sounds, which is exactly a metaphor of the city and its communications and movements.

These projects were undertaken as part of the Split Interactions Workshop in Split, Croatia.

Participants were:

Marta Anic

Kazimir Samoscanec

Marina Mijatovic

Nikola Krizanac

Alma Stkljevic

Damir Mitrakovic

Kristina Pongrac

Gaja Kodric

Dana Kodermac

Martin Zelenko

Vesna Petovic

Dina Rudic

Stanko Maletic

Adrijan Karavdic

Sara Pavicic