This work was undertaken with Ingi Helgason, Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh

Napier University, it was part of the Peach Project an  EU funded FP6 Co-ordination Action in the area of Presence Research.

Fragments of Place was an interactive digital installation that was exhibited over a two week period as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2008. The aim of the work was to explore what the sharing of people’s personal images, normally hidden on mobile phones, can reveal about their sense of place and the nature of this ultimately shared experience. Traditional views on sense of place characterise the experience as a fusion of meaning, act and context.  The work sought to stimulate debate concerning the impact of technology on sense of place. Increasingly people are using their mobile devices to capture memories of places and events that they have visited or attended. At such events a large collection of media is created by participants, which raises the question of whether the collective experience of the participants and the content they have generated could be shared and presented in a way that enhances the overall experience of that event. In short, can these records or stories be woven together in ways that encourage people to either, construct new meanings, or enrich their understanding of place?

Fragments of Place was located in a public space at a bar/club venue that was also hosting a variety of shows over the duration of the Festival.

Fragments of Place has been exhibited at:

Presence08, Padova, Italy, Oct 16-18th.

(re)Actor3, Liverpool, UK, September 2008.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008, The GRV, Edinburgh.

Create08, Design Showcase, British Computer Society, London.