An investigation of the usage of Social Technology Systems amongst designers. The aim was to challenge the assumption that designers use STSs to develop and maintain networks and to generate and transform content. Do STSs offer new possibilities for media exchange and interaction that is useful for designers in the 21st century?

A study of four design practices and practitioners:

Nikki Taylor, Olanic, Glasgow                        Fashion Designer

Andrew Shoben, Greyworld, London                     Artist

Jason Bruges, Jason Bruges Studio, London            Architect

James Mower, Fearsomengine, Glasgow                  Product Designer

The use of the Creative Reflection Probe raised the following questions:

A link between practice size and STS usage?

A singularity of STS usage by creatives?

Do STSs positively influence the design process?

What are the trends of STS usage among the emerging nations?

Do STSs streamline working practice amongst a new generation of creative practitioners?


This work was undertaken in collaboration with Prof Paul Rodgers (Northumbria University) and Euan Winton, School of Arts & Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University, thanks to Paul for the pictures.