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Information Visualisation

ACM Interactions magazine
Publisher: ACM Press
Frequency: Bi-monthly
ACM SIGMOD Record - Web Edition
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction - TOCHI
Publisher: ACM Press
Frequency: Quarterly
ACM Transactions on Graphics
Publisher: ACM
Frequency: Quarterly
American Society for Information Science and Technology
Publisher: Wiley
Frequency: Monthly
Behaviour and Information Technology
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Frequency: Monthly
Computer Applications in Engineering Education (Via Wiley InterScience)
Publishers: Wiley InterScience
Computer Graphics Forum
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
Frequency: Quarterly
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Publisher: Kluwer
Frequency: Quarterly
Graphical Models
Publisher: Elsevier
Frequency: Bi-monthly
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press
Frequency: Bi-monthly
IEEE Spectrum
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press
Frequency: Monthly
General Computing Magazine
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press
Frequency: Quarterly
Information Design Journal
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishers
Frequency: Tri-Annual?
Information Processing & Management
Publisher: Elsevier
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Information Systems Research
Publisher: Informs
Information Visualization -- Link Fix --
Publisher: SAGE
Frequency: Quarterly
Interacting with Computers
Publisher: Elsevier
Frequency: Bi-monthly
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Frequency: Bi-monthly
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
Publisher: Elsevier
Frequency: Monthly
Formerly the International Journal of Man-Machine Studies
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications - web-based journal
Frequency: Quarterly?
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
Publisher: Springer
Frequency: Quarterly
Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Publisher: Elsevier
Frequency: Quarterly
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
Publisher: Elsevier
Frequency: Bi-monthly
The Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
Publisher: Information Systems Research in Scandinavia
Frequency: Twice Yearly
Visualization and Computer Animation (Via Wiley InterScience)
Publisher: Wiley InterScience
Computer Science Journal Indexes
HCI-related journal listing at
DBLP Computer Science Journals Listing
Comprehensive index of Computer Science Journals by volume and issue.
Includes links to respective digital libraries for many articles.
A swathe of books on Information Visualisation has appeared over the last couple of years. These range from paper collections with introductory chapters, or collections of viewpoints on information visualisation, to one author's particular take on the field.
Try Amazon's Book Search with the term 'information visuali*' to explore the range of available books.
Publisher: ACM
Frequency: Quarterly
ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics newsletter (archived)
Frequency: Quarterly UI design e-newsletter
Frequency: Monthly
Conferences (specific & general) [Table Version of this section]
Helwig's Conference Calendar
HCI Index - Upcoming Conferences & Workshops (IV-related too)
British HCI Conferences
IEEE Information Visualization Conferences (Based in London)
IEEE InfoVis (Symposium at main IEEE Visualisation Conf.)
IEEE Visual Analytics (VAST) Symposia
IEEE Visualization Conferences
ACM CHI Conferences
Graph Drawing Conferences
ACM CIKM (Conference on Information and Knowledge Management)
Incorporating NPIV Workshops (New Paradigms in Information Visualization)
CIKM 1994-2006
CIKM 2007 - Lisbon, Portugal
Joint EUROGRAPHICS - IEEE TCVG Symposia on Visualization
SPIE series on Visualization and Data Analysis
previously known as Visual Data Exploration and Analysis
All Years (1994-)
INTERACT Conferences
1999 - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2001 - Tokyo, Japan
2003 - Zurich, Switzerland
2005 - Rome, Italy
2007 - Rio de Janiero, Brazil
2009 - Uppsala, Sweden
Advanced Visual Interfaces - AVI '92/94/96/98
AVI 2000 - Palermo, Italy
AVI 2002 - Trento, Italy -- Link Currently Broken
AVI 2004 - Gallipoli, Italy
AVI 2006 - Venice, Italy
AVI 2008 - Naples, Italy
EuroGraphics Visualization in Scientific Computing (All years)
EuroGraphics Proceedings List (-2004)
Eurographics 2005, Dublin, Ireland
Eurographics 2006, Vienna, Austria
Eurographics 2007, Prague, Czech Republic
Eurographics 2008, Crete, Greece
ACM User Interface Software & Technology (UIST)
Previous Conferences (1994 - 2005)
UIST 2006 @ Montreux, Switzerland
UIST 2007 @ Newport, Rhode Island, USA
UIST 2008 @ Monterey, California, USA
Graphics Interface Conferences (GI)
All Years
Australasian (Asia-Pacific from 2005) Symposia on Information Visualisation (APVIS)
become the Pacific Visualization Symposium (2008-)
2008 - Kyoto, Japan
2009 - Beijing, China
APCHI: Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (APCHI)
All Years
BCS Electronic Workshops in Computing (EWiC)
All Years
Miscellaneous Workshops & Conferences
Visual Representations and Interpretations Workshop 2002
SoftVis 2001 Online Proceedings
IV Organisations
For Publishers, see specific Journals or Digital Libraries sections.
ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
ASIST Special Interest Group on Visualisation, Images and Sound (SIGVIS)
BayCHI ACM Chapter
British HCI Group
CRPIT - Conferences in research and practice in Information Technology
Eurographics Association
HCI Publications at
IEEE Computer Society
Information Visualization Organisation ( - European site
Home Pages of People in IV

Academic Research Sites
IV Group (inc. me) at Napier Univ. [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Advanced Interaction Group, Univ. of Birmingham, UK [Papers]
Past reports on Hyperspace/Narcissus systems
IV at the Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Information Visualization, University of Tampere, Finland [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Visualization at University of Eindhoven [Papers] -- Link Fix --
InfoVis Group, IICM, Graz Univ. of Technology, Austria [Papers] -- Link Fix --
IICM - Institute for Information processing and Computer supported new Media
In-Situ Research Project [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Joint project between French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Informatics Research Lab, Universite de Paris-Sud
HCI Lab Publications, University of Udine, Italy [Papers]
Interaction Visualization Usability Group - University of Bari, Italy
North America
Visualization Research at Worcester Poly, U.S [Papers]
University of California at Santa Cruz, SciVis Home Page
InfoViz at Pacific North-West National Laboratory, USA [Papers] -- Link Fix --
The SAGE Visualization Group at Carnegie-Mellon University [Papers]
HCI Laboratory at the University of Maryland [Papers]
Visualization and Usability Group at NIST [Papers]
Lab for Info Vis & Evaluation at Virginia Tech
Social Media group, MIT [Papers]
Polaris data visualisation project at Stanford University [Papers]
GroupLab, University of Calgary [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Dynamic Graphics Project, Univ. of Toronto
Information Interfaces Group at Georgia Tech [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Data Visualization research Lab, Univ. of New Hampshire
InfoVis at University of Sydney, Australia [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Industrial Research Sites
AT&T Information Visualization Research Group [Papers]
Xerox PARC UIR's External Homepage [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Old page up to 2006, page in 'Papers' link most recent manifestation of IV at Xerox
Visualisation at UbiLab [Papers]
IBM Research - Graphics & Visualization
IBM Research - Collaborative User Experience [Papers]
Microsoft Research Computational User Experience Group [Papers] -- Link Fix --
Hewlett-Packard Labs [Papers]
Digital/Compaq Corp. - SRC - Research Reports
Digital got taken over by Compaq, which in turn got taken over by Hewlett Packard in 2002, so that's why this series of reports ends then.
Statistics Visualisations and Data Mining at Bell Laboratories [Papers]
Visualization Companies & Commercial Products
AVS - Advanced Visual Systems Inc.
Advizor Solutions (Visible Decisions) - 3D data visualization solutions
InXight - VizControls Software
Visualization Toolkit Company
Oculus [Papers]
Courses & Applications
Visualisation Courses - Scientific & Information
Scientific Visualisation course - Univ. of Edinburgh
Information Visualization course at Georgia Tech (Run by John Stasko)
Matthew Chalmers' Information Visualisation course at Glasgow Univ.
Marti Hearst's IV module at UC Berkeley
CS5764 - InfoVis - Virginia Tech
Data Sets
StatLib Datasets Archive
UK Statlib Mirror Site
The Information Visualization Benchmark repository
Visualisation Demos - Java Applets and .exe Downloads
Benjamin Bederson's Fisheye Menus as a Java Applet
Harri Siirtola's Parallel Co-ordinate Explorer Java Applet
Fractal View and Fisheye View on Self-Organizing Map Java Applet
by Christopher C. Yang
TreeMap3 from HCIL, University of Maryland
SequoiaView Download
File Browser using augmented 'cushion' treemaps - From Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands
PhotoMesa (Quantum TreeMap Java Application)
from HCI Lab, Univ. of Maryland
BioWidget - Taxonomy displayed using a Hyperbolic Tree Viewer
My Set-based Taxonomy Visualisation - Java Webstart
My Graph-based Taxonomy Visualisation - Java Webstart
XmdvTool - Linked Scatterplots, Dendograms, Parallel Co-ordinates
CiteSeer Relator - Citation Browser of the CiteSeer network - and I'm there!
GeoVISTA Downloadable Demo from Pennsylvania State Uni
ZoomGraph applet from Hewlett-Packard Labs, err... zooms on graphs
Statistical Visualisation Software from Augsburg Uni., Germany
MacroFocus' InfoScope - Linked visualisations of global city living standards
TreeJuxtaposer OpenSource Software Download Page - comparisons of trees
Mondrian Software - linked scatterplots, boxplots, parallel coordinates etc.
TextArc - Visualisation of Text Documents (books etc)
RefViz - Reference Visualization for EndNote Data Sets
TouchGraph - Demos
ILog Discovery - Configurable information exploration environment
List of tree visualisations
Visualisation Toolkits
AT&T's GraphViz Tool (Downloadable)
Touchgraph SourceForge
WilmaScope 3D graph drawing toolkit
IV toolkit (graphs, trees, zooming, distortion) + further links
InfoVis Toolkit
Scatterplots, graphs, trees, parallel coordinates + further links
InfoVis CyberInfraStructure
Framework that supports a collection of pluggable data analysis, layout and interaction algorithms (+ further links)
Links to links
Links to InfoVis Specific Links
Visual Analytics Digital Library
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Jerry Isdale's Big List of InfoVis Links
InfoViz repository - links to IV applications
IEEE Conference Proceedings - Visualization and Imaging
Visualisation Awareness Pages at EBI, UK
Visualisation for Bioinformatics at EBI, UK
Toshiyuki Masui's Links (mixture Japanese/English)
Tim Cribbin's Links Page
Growing Self-Organizing Networks
Haim Levkowitz's perceptually linearized colour scales
Dictionary of graph terminology
Financial InfoVis as art - BBC website article
Isabel Cruz (Conferences List)

Info Resources & Directories

Online Library Systems
On-line catalogues for physical libraries
Napier University Library - Public Access Catalogue
Telnet to Scottish National Library
Online Library Catalogues
SALSER Serials Search
National Library of Scotland - Online Catalogues
British Library - Public Catalogue
Digital Libraries
Note: Personal, Institutional or ATHENS Accounts needed for full access to the following digital libraries
ATHENS - Access with Napier personal account created from access account
ACM: Digital Library
CoRR - The Computing Research Repository - use 'search' option to find docs
Elsevier Computer Science Digital Library - mostly incorporated into ScienceDirect -
IEEE Computer Society: Digital Library
Ingenta (incorporating BIDS)
Ingenta Select (CatchWord)
InfoTrac - Business, Arts, Humanities, Science & Technology - access from Napier only
NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library) Home Page
New Zealand Digital Library - Comp. Science Technical Reports - v.slow from UK!
Requires ATHENS account - now incorporates IDEAL
SIAM's Locus Digital Archive - SIAM Journal papers from 1950s(!) - 1996
SPIE Digital Library
Springer-Verlag Digital Library
Taylor & Francis Journal Listing
VisInfo - Information Services for Scientific Visualization
Wiley InterScience Digital library
Many bibliographies here complement or link to the digital libraries above
My literature survey Bibliography in Rich Text format (886 KB) , PDF format (276 KB) , or EndNote 9 file (796 KB).
Last Updated: 20th August 2009. 924 References. (96 new references since August 2008)
Visualisation Specific
Visualization paper bibliography from Stanford Univ.
Review of Visualization in the Social Sciences: Bibliography
Hypermedia course bibliography from Georgia Tech
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Compendex Bibliography Database
DBLP Bibliography
Google Scholar
Prototype dedicated search engine that covers all the main digital libraries
The HCI Bibliography
Human-Computer Interaction Resource Network
Online INSPEC Bibliography - Requires ATHENS account
LIDOS Persistent Bibliographic Information Record
ResearchIndex: The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
SPIE Proceedings Abstracts Search
Web Of Science - Citation Databases - Requires ATHENS account
Google Newsgroup Site
Human Factors
Graphics Visualization
Dynamic Systems
Taxonomy Links & Journals
The Tree of Life Home Page
The Tracy Herbarium - taxonomy links page
American Museum of Natural History Digital Library
Publisher: American Museum of Natural History
Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics
Frequency: Annual
Australian Systematic Botany
Publisher: CSIRO (Australia)
Biodiversity Informatics - Electronic Journal
Publisher: Hosted at Kansas University Natural History Museum
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
Publisher: Blackwell
Frequency: Monthly
Publisher: American Institute of Biolgical Sciences
Frequency: Monthly
Publisher: Elsevier
Frequency: Monthly
Publisher: Willi Hennig society?
Conservation Biology
Publisher: Blackwell
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Invertebrate Systematics
Publisher: CSIRO (Australia)
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Journal of Classification
Publisher: Springer
Frequency: Biannual
Phyloinformatics - Electronic journal
Publisher: Phyloinformatics
Frequency: Quarterly
Systematic Biology
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publisher: International Association for Plant Taxonomy
Frequency: Quarterly
Trends in Ecology & Evolution
Publisher: Elsevier (Netherlands)
Frequency: Monthly
General Reference
Roget's Thesaurus (
Roget's Thesaurus
Again from a 1911 thesaurus version. Therefore won't have computer-specific terminology.
Roget's Thesaurus: ARTFL Project, 1911
US, longer but seems to work. Very old version though.
Websters 1913 English Dictionary
only has defs up to 1913. should be good enough for common words but not for technology-related terms.
OneLook Dictionaries
Punctuation Guide
Right Words: Dash it! The elusive apostrophe
The World Factbook
UK Universities
AltaVista: Translations
Royal Mail
Online postcode & address finder for UK
HomeCheck UK
Enter a postcode and find out how scummy YOUR area is
Enhance anything you write with a famous quotation - relevant or not
More Quotes collected by Gabriel Robins
Current Population of British Towns and Cities
E-Mail Directories
Yahoo! People Search

Search Engines

AltaVista: Main Page
Google! Search Engine
Yahoo! UK & Ireland
Who Links To Me?
Interesting website, include it on your site to see who links to your page

Computers, Technology & Science

Online Magazines
New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
Scientific American
Fortean Times Online
Welcome to
PC Magazine Online
Computer Arts
Science Magazine
Langley Astronomy Pages
The Nine Planets
Track Satellites using a Java Applet
3-D Starmaps: Freebies
Other Worlds, Distant Suns
Computer Info
Wired News
Programmers' and Developers' resources at
Internet Query Tools - Find domain names from IP addresses -- Link Checkers, DNS tracers etc
Clickfire - Add Navicons to Websites
CGI City - guide to password-protecting web directories
Zzap 64! Archives
Java & JavaScript
Make Java fast: Optimize! - JavaWorld April 1997
Java Programming Environments (IDEs) - messageboards for java users
Javascript Tutorial from W3C
Java Products & Guides from Sun
The New Java Software Development Kit (SDK) - currently 1.5 & 1.6 beta
The Java HTML Converter
Necessary for converting HTML applet tags to plug-in compatible commands
Java HotSpot Peformance Engine ReadMe
Advanced Swing Tutorial
JavaBeans Guide
Java Book Index - some online as HTML/Pdf's
Java Platform Performance Book - HTML Version
Advanced programming for the Java 2 Platform - online book
Java Look & Feel Design Guidelines (from Sun)
Java Look & Feel Advanced Topics (from Sun)
Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository
How To Sign Applets
Java Sun Site Search
W3C HTML Validator & Link Checker
Coolnerds Electronic HTML Reference
W3C CSS Validator
CSS Reference Guide from HTMLHelp
CSS Pointers Group - Links, Demos etc
XML (+ DTD's, DOM, XSL, XSD) - Forums, References, Tutorials and Tools
Note: Java JDK now contains XML manipulation abilities
Javaworld's Absolute Beginners Guide to XML
XML 101 - Guides and Tutorials to XML, DTDs, DOM and XSL - XML Industry Portal
TopXML - XML Resource (code, libraries, tutorials, user groups etc)
XPath Tutorial from
CodeVista Links & Tips for XSL
XML at Sun - Additional XML tools, API's and libraries for Java
W3C Core XML References and Definition
XML Syntax checker - looks for well-formed XML (i.e. everything is nested correctly)
W3C XML Validator - Validates XML against a schema
Processing XML with Java - online book (Elliotte Rusty Harold)
XML CookTop - Downloadable XML, DTD and XSL editor with validator and XSL stylesheet testing
W3C XForms 1.0 Candidate Recommendation - to replace standard HTML forms
W3C XForms 1.1 Working Draft
XForms Wiki Site
XForms Institute - Interactive XForms Tutorials
XForms Essentials - XForms textbook in HTML
XForms Tutorial - Submitting data to servers
CHIBA - Server-side XForms Engine
FormsPlayer - IE-only client-side XForms plug-in
Novell XForms Explorer - IE XForms plug-in
Mozilla XForms - Mozilla/Firefox client-side XForms plug-in
IBM XForms Package
Includes Java packages for server-side use & development, IE-specific plug-in, and XForms compiler for use with Netscape/Mozilla
Downloadable Software
Gamelan's Java Software Directory
Software Center> download latest software (shareware freeware demos)
Downloadable C64 Games for PC
WebAttack Freeware Categories


The Dilbert Zone
The New Musical Express (NME) Website
Q Music Magazine
GameSpot formerly GameCenter
Urban Legends Archive
Lake District Photo Index
Steve Bulman's Cumbria Guide
Solving the Rubik's Cube - how to cheat, basically
Laser Squad Nemesis
Play for your club - simple football game
Mini Pool 2 - addictive
Music Sites - Artists
Official Manic Street Preachers website
The Chemical Brothers
Pulp website
Charlatans website
ElephantStoned - Stone Roses fan site
Comedy Sites
Stewart Lee Web Page
Richard Herring Web Page
TVGoHome - Cynical TV guide
Young Ones links and Bottom, Are You Being Served, Carry On etc
Cartoon Sites
Top Cat episode guide
Scooby Doo
The Official Mr. Men Site

The Rest

BBC News
USA Today
CNN Interactive
Cumbrian Evening News & Star
Carlisle United Online - unofficial
Carlisle United Official Website
English Soccernet
Tony Kempster's Non-League Football Site
Queen of the South Unofficial Site
Scarborough FC Messageboard
Gretna FC Unoffical Site - Facts and Figures
Football Transfer Records -- By Club and Country
Travel & Shopping
UK National Rail: Travel Information
MultiMap UK
Map 24 Uk - Zooming Map using a Java Applet
UK Ordnance Survey Maps
ViaMichelin Maps
Google Maps
MapMyRun - based on Google Maps
Microsoft's Local Live Mapping Service
City of Edinburgh Council
STA Travel
Airline Network (Net Flights) - Cheap Flights
Lothian LRT Travel (Edinburgh Buses)
Virgin Trains - online booking - travel and holiday deals - uk wide train bookings and timetables
Robert Reynolds' Page of Subway Maps -- Link Currently Broken
Shopping Bookstore - online car boot sale basically - Price comparisons & product reviews
Kelkoo - More price comparisons & product reviews
Dealtime - More price comparisons & product reviews
Careers (UK) & a bit of money - Jobs in Scotland. CV entry. - the daddy of job sites. Can enter your CV and preferences.
CW Jobs - another site letting you upload your CV
Guardian Unlimited - Jobs - Academic vacancies in the UK - part of the NISS network - Academia - links to many job sites
Alec's CV writing tips
UK GRAD programme - Info on completing PhDs and post-doc career development
UK Tax Calculator - Work out how much you really get
Karl Jeacle's Graphical Mortgage Calculator

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