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Dr. David Benyon
School of Computing
Napier University
10, Colinton Road
Edinburgh, EH14 1LJ

Tel: +44 (0) 131 455 2736
Fax: +44 (0) 131 455 2727
Email: D.Benyon@napier.ac.uk

Professor of Human Computer Systems

Head of the HCI group

         B.A.(Hons) in Mathematics and Politics (Essex) 1974

         M.Sc. in Computing and Cognition (Warwick) 1983.

         PhD Intelligence at the Interface (Open) 1993

Research interests

My research is based in human-computer interaction (HCI), particularly in the application of knowledge-based techniques to HCI. This combination takes us away from the idea of humans interacting with computers towards a view of HCI based on multiple interacting systems - some of these are human, others are artificial agents and others are non-intelligent information artefacts. People are then in a information space consisting of these other people, agents and artefacts. They have to navigate through this space. Thus the HCI research agenda needs to consider

Please mail me if any of these ideas strike a chord

Projects and Grants

I have a number of on-going interests in the European 5th and 6th Framework Programmes including

Other recent projects include funding from from theScottish Higher Education Funding Council for looking at using metropolitan area networks for tutorial teaching of HCI ( MANTCHI) and over the next three years for looking at HCI for Older people in the UTOPIA project. This ties in with on-going work on HCI issues in household environments and the development of artificial companions