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BCS Symposium on Intelligence in Security and Forensic Computing

The Centre for Mobile Computing and Security in the School of Computing at
Napier University, Edinburgh is organizing the BCS SGAI Symposium/
Colloquium on Intelligence in Security and Forensic Computing on Monday, 3
April 2006.

The Symposium aims to present current and future practices in the application of intelligent methods in security and forensic computing. There are a number of invited speakers on key topics which relate to security and forensic computing. The main speakers were:

• Dr Steven Furnell. [Presentation]
• James Twycross. [Presentation]
• Dr Geraint Price.[Presentation]
• Dr Robert Askwith. [Presentation]
• David Llamas. [Presentation]
• Matthew Pemble. [Presentation]
• John Howie. [Presentation]
• Keith Foggon.

Prof Bill Buchanan [Link]: w.buchanan@napier.ac.uk
Abiola Abimbola [Link]: a.abimbola@napier.ac.uk


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