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PhD Studentship, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK

School of Computing and Financial Services Authority (FSA)

A fully funded three-year PhD studentship is available between the School of Computing and the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The main focus of the work is in the investigation of novel methods which reduce the risks related to e-Crime.

At present e-Crime is an increasing worry to both consumers and organisations. This three-year PhD studentship will be based in the Centre for Distributed Computing and Security and builds on current work on security and digital forensic systems in the School of Computing. It is co-funded and co-supervised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA - http://www.fsa.gov.uk/) and aims to investigate enhanced methods for assessing the risks involved in e-Commerce, especially in analysing new methods, and in generating detection signatures.

There will also be access to leading e-Crime investigators from the FSA in London, while being based in the School of Computing at Napier University. Overall this is a unique opportunity to undertake state-of-the-art research, while having access to leading industry investigators.

Applicants should either a First Class or Upper Second Class Honours, or Masters, degree in a Computing/Engineering-related discipline, with a bias toward software development. Recent exposure to Microsoft .NET development tools would also be an advantage, and project work related to the area would be useful.

The studentship provides a standard living allowance (of £12,600 per annum in 2007-08) and also covers full fees up to a level appropriate to UK/EU applicants, for up to three years subject to satisfactory progress.

Details of the School of Computing can be found at: www.soc.napier.ac.uk and on the Centre for Distributed Computing and Security at: http://www.cdcs.soc.napier.ac.uk/. More general details can be found on the website of the University Research Office: www.napier.ac.uk/depts/research/ research_office.html. An application form can be found on the School of Computing site by following the link "Information for: Research Students".

Formal applications should be sent to the address on the form: The Research Office, Napier University, Merchiston Campus, 10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5DJ.

Informal enquiries can be made by e-mail to Prof William Buchanan [Home], w.buchanan@napier.ac.uk

Deadline: 17:00 hours, Friday 21st September, 2007.