Mastering Office


This book contains a brief introduction to computers and a concise practical guide to the essential parts of Microsoft Office. It includes detailed instructions for the most recent versions of Office, but much of the text should still be relevant for older versions.

H.Holding and C.Martin


Four Office Applications.
The book covers four of the Office applications: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. The applications need not be read sequentially, since each application is covered independently. It is necessary however, to read the chapters for each application in sequence.

Aims of the book.
The aim of the book is to leave the reader in a position where they are familiar with the fundamentals of each application and confident enough to use the on-line Help facility for any specialist problems. It can be used either as a course text or for self-paced learning by the home user or professional.

Step-by-step instructions.
Each chapter of the book contains step-by-step instructions to take the reader through a series of connected tasks. Further exercises are included at the end of each chapter so that the skills learned in the main part of the chapter can be consolidated. This structure is particularly useful in large laboratory sessions, since it allows students to work at their own pace: faster students can move onto the extra exercises when they have finished the main body of the chapter. Each chapter is also interspersed with a number of short-answer ques-tions to ensure that students work through the text thoroughly. It has been found in practice that each chapter takes approximately two hours, depending on the level of experience of the reader.

No previous experience required.
It is recommended that people who have no previous experience of computers use this book by first reading the introduction in Chapter 1, and then proceed to the application they are interested in: Word, Excel, Access or PowerPoint.




Introduction to Windows and Office
Microsoft Word: Getting Started
Microsoft Word: More Fundamentals and Printing
Microsoft Word: Text Enhancement and Document Layout
File Management
Microsoft Excel: Getting Started
Microsoft Excel: Cell Manipulation and Worksheet Layout
Microsoft Excel: Functions and Formulae
Microsoft Excel: Charts and Multi-Worksheet Workbooks
Introduction to Databases
Database Tables
Forms and Reports
Introduction to Powerpoint
Designing a Presentation
Excel Functions
Introduction to Outlook

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Paperback - 384 pages (March 1998)
Palgrave, formerly Macmillan Press; ISBN: 0333949773