Mastering COBOL Programming


R.Martin and M.Spence

This second edition of Mastering Cobol Programming is a comprehensive guide to good programming practice, program design and code. It contains two new chapters, on Intrinsic Functions and Program Errors, Testing and Debugging. Each chapter has been revised to make full use of the COBOL 85 Standard. The book discusses the different groups of modules that comprise the COBOL language, and each chapter ends with practical exercises. It is suitable for undergraduate and diploma students on commercial computing and business courses, and is a valuable reference for professionals in data processing. It is a complete self-study COBOL text.


Preface - Acknowledgements - List of Figures - PART 1: NUCLEUS AND SOURCE TEXT MANIPULATION MODULES - COBOL Programming Fundamentals - Data and Procedure Division Fundamentals - Numbers and the Subtract Statement - The Multiply, Divide and Compute Statements, Further Data Editing - The If, Go To and Evaluate Statements - Performing - Lists -Tables - String Manipulation - Source Text Manipulation - PART 2: THE INPUT-OUTPUT MODULES - Processing Sequential Files - Processing Relative Files - Processing Indexed Files - Sorting and Merging - PART 3: THE INTER-PROGRAM COMMUNICATION MODULE - Communicating Between Programs - PART 4: THE REPORT WRITER MODULE - Using the Report Writer - PART 5: THE INTRINSIC FUNCTION MODULE - Intrinsic Functions -PART 6: PROGRAM DEBUGGING - Program Errors, Testing and Debugging - Appendices A-E - Index - Glossary

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Paperback - 448 pages (August 1997)
Palgrave, formerly Macmillan Press; ISBN: 0333681061