CCNP ISCW ... of the complete simulator package ... from just $38

CCNP ISCW Simulator

The simulators contain all recent and new version of the CCNP certification, and are continually adding new features and challenges. A key focus of the CCNP certification is now on security and Quality of Service (QoS), and this part of the simulators focuses on CCNP ISCW which investigates security for routers and switches. The simulator has over 63 challenges related to this. A demo of the system is at:

CCNP ISCW example
CCNP ISCW VPN example 1
CCNP ISCW VPN example 2
Range of challenges

There's a fun test at:

Take fun test - CCNP ISCW

There is a sample tests at:

These challenges provide a strong foundation in areas such as tunnelling, VPN configuration, while providing fundamental knowledge in key areas such as in encryption and authentication. There are also tests to take a key points in the progression.

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