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ProfSIMs Premium contains a complete set of simulators for routers, switches, wireless access points (Cisco Aironet 1200), PIX/ASA firewalls (Version 6.x, 7.x and 8.x), Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC), Wireless ADUs, ASDMs, SDMs, Juniper, and much more. For $38 you get:

  • Over 3,700 unique Cisco Challenges, and over 48,000 Cisco Configuration Challenge Elements.
  • 50,000 test questions (and more added every day).
  • 24 hours of Web-based videos.
  • Over 350 router labs, 180 switch labs, 160 PIX/ASA labs and 80 Wireless labs.
  • [Full details].

Sample demos

The educational environment uses a series of preset challenges that are designed to allow the user experience without the need for expensive equipment. In addition, there is 16 hours of video tutorials giving the fundamentals of networking theory. Some sample demos include [Challenge Demos]:


This environment covers most of the features of the PIX/ASA device, including both Version 6.x and 7.x/8.x IOS. PIX Demo

Cisco IOS Search

The ProfSIMs package includes an extensive Cisco command search facility, along with a search of commands related to a certain prompt.

Test Engine has a unique test engine for a wide range of professional certification:

[Sample of Test Engine]

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