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Single-host Licence (from $38)

The license for the simulators is valid for 12 months, giving access to over 50,000 test questions, and a wide range of simulators. Overall the Premium package includes an e-Book, teaching material, 50,000 test questions, lab challenges, and fun activities, with a router, switch, JUNOS, PIX/ASA, EC2 elastic cloud and S3 data storage, ASDM, SDM, WLC, Wireless Aironet, and wireless client simulator:

What's in NetworkSims.com Premium?

Note that the Cisco simulator engine runs in an off-line mode but the tests and videos require on-line access (this allows us to keep them up-to-date). Payment alternatives are:

ProfSIMS (Sagepay purchase)


ProfSIMS purchase $78 bundle [details]

ProfSIMS purchase $58 bundle [details]

ProfSIMS purchase $38 bundle [details]

or use Plimus: [Alt. Purchase]  

Extend your existing license ($30)

NetworkSims.com Licence Extension ($30). If you already have NetworkSims, you can extend your licence for another year. There will be no updates to the challenges. If you want updates, please select the NetworkSims Gold, instead.

NOTE: You must have an existing licence to extend the licence, and can be purchased from:


[Site license][Subscription]

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