CCVP Simulator ... of the complete simulator package ... from just $38

CCVP Simulator

The simulator supports the new and exciting CCVP certification, which, along with QoS. is one of the key growth areas in networking. MOST OTHER CCVP SIMULATORS ONLY HAVE EXAM SIMULATION, WHEREAS HAS BOTH HANDS-ONS PRACTICE and an EXAM SIMULATOR ... so don't be fooled! If there's a practical element that we've missed in the certification, please say and we'll add it for free.

At present, in NetworkSims Premium, there are over 29 challenges, which cover most of the required practical work for CVoice, along with tests after each section. Some practical examples of CCVP challenges are:

[CCVP - Setup of POTs and VoIP dial-peer]
[CCVP - Setup of the SIP User Agent (SIP-AU)]
[CCVP - Setup of an H323-gateway]

Fun test for CCVP: [Take test] and for unit tests:

[Sample CCVP Test 1: Fundamentals of Telephony Networks]
[Sample CCVP Test 2: Analogue and Digital Voice Communications]
[Sample CCVP Test 3: Voice Interface Configuration]
[Sample CCVP Test 4: Voice Dial Peer Configuration]
[Sample CCVP Test 5: VoIP Fundamentals]
[Sample CCVP Test 6: VoIP Signalling and Call Control]
[Sample CCVP Test 7: Improving and Maintaining Voice Quality]









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