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This project seeks to provide the technology and software infrastructure necessary to support the next generation of evolving infohabitants in a way that makes that infrastructure universal, open and scalable. The DREAM (Distributed Resource Evolutionary Algorithm Machine) framework allows the automatic distribution of evolutionary algorithm (EA) processing through a virtual machine built from large numbers of individual machines linked by standard Internet protocols.

The framework allows five different user entry points which depend on the knowledge and requirements of the user. At the highest level, users may specify and run distributed EAs simply by manipulating graphical displays.

At the lowest level the framework becomes a P2P (Peer to Peer) mobile agent system, that may be used for the automatic distribution of a class of processes including, but not limited to, EAs.

You can take part by using the software to help solve your problem, or simply by allowing your machine to be used in the Global DREAM.

If you have any question or comments about the project or this web-site, please contact, in the first instance, Ben Paechter the project co-ordinator.