CS42001 - Languages and Algorithms

Introduction to Coursework

Coursework for the module CS42001 is based on the turtle graphics application. The coursework is intended to encourage students to engage with the following:

Students are required to adapt an existing parser and implement additional features.
language design
Some students will introduce new features to the language. They are expected to justify, document and implement these additional features.
program analysis
Students are presented with an existing system. They are required to understand the existing system in order to modify it. They are expected to show a critical appreciation of the existing system.

Useful resources

The following resources may prove useful:

The turtle graphics page

The turtle graphics page allows users to send commands directly to the turtle graphics sysetm which provides immediate feedback in the VRML pane.

The turtle graphics system is implemented in JavaScript and VRML. A simple application of the turtle graphics system together with some exercises is given at turtle.htm, this uses the VRML file turtle.wrl. A technical commentary is given in tgnotes.htm.

The logo page

The page logo.htm demonstrates the use of lexical analysis and parsing to execute user commands. Instead of executing one command at a time the user can specify a string of commands in a simple language. The user input is a string of characters which is processed and executed in one go.