Grand Mastermind in HTML


Drag one of the coloured symbols on the left and drop it into one of the squares on the right. When four elements have been dragged into place you can get it marked.

This version of Mastermind involves shapes as well as colours. The marking involves black, white and blue pegs. As in normal mastermind a black indicates the right element in the right place and white indicates the right element in the wrong place. A blue indicates that either the shape or the colour is in the right place.

Play the game.


All four elements are correct - the mark is four black pegs. All of the following examples refer to this combination.
Only the white rectangle is correct - one black peg.
The white rectangle is right, but in the wrong position - one white peg.
The colour white is right in the first position, the shape hexagon is right in the fourth position - two blues.
The white rectangle is in the right place and gets a black; the yellow circle is in the wrong place and gets a white; the blue triangle attracts a blue peg because the colour is right.


The original Grand Mastermind was released by Invicta in the 1970's.

The box cover gives a rather disturbing insight into that most unfortunate of decades. The term "geek" had not been invented and advertisers did not know how to sell mastermind.

By Andrew Cumming