Andrew Cumming

teaches at the School of Computing, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK.
Office: Room C49 at the Merchiston campus, ext. 2753.
Postal: 10 Colinton Rd, EH10 5DT
Telephone: (0131) 455 2753
MCSD Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer




Hilbert Curve The Hilbert Space Filling Curve

Hilbert's Space Filling Curve is a one dimensional curve which visits every point of a two dimensional space. Read a short article on this strange beast and get the Windows Screen Saver which draws it on your idle screen.
Celtic Knot

Celtic Knotwork

Try your hand at sorting out the Celtic Knot Puzzle. Or follow one of these links to WWW sites of Celtic interest. Ceolas at Stanford University.

Lissajous Lissajous

Read the entry on Lissajous from Grolier Encyclopedia.
Get the screen saver, SHM.SCR (MS Windows). Try the Java applet

Bricks and balls and cylinders.

Some experiments with postscript

PostScript was used to create the following: a tower in GIF format and bubbles and waves in raw PostScript. If you would like to try creating your own postscript pictures and you have a post script engine such as Ghostview handy then try writing PostScript programs.
Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

The easy three ring tower, or the more challenging four ring example. The ML code that generated the Hanoi html files. A little about the Tower of Hanoi and it's solution.

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babe of the month, January 2004
babe of the month, June 2000
babe of the month, March 1997
babe of the month, July 1995. More recent pictures 1 and 2

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Old plans

Mostly quotes and anecdotes concerning: stink ants, the real world, muscle and blood, civilization, plan, bombs, machines, TQA, ideas, beef, foreign investment, the Third Way, another hundred years, moby hack, a culture of failure, chiasmus electronic tagging .

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Will you help me with some SQL/Access/Java/perl problem?

I am usually happy to help with these kinds of things.
There are some things you can do to make it more productive and respect my time:

Got any useful tip or tricks for MS Access

Check out Access tips and tricks

Can I have the notes for last week's lecture?

Most of the notes for my lectures and tutorials can be found at the appropriate module page. There are links to the module pages at my SoC web page
You would be much better advised to make it to the lecture.

Have you been on any trips lately?

Teaching at ZZULI - Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Henan, China.
Teaching programming and database to Chinese students as part of the collaboration between Napier and ZZULI
English Week at IUT2 Grenoble, France
I taught some XML to DUT students. 21st Jan 2008. Thanks to Dan Frost
20th Nov to 27th Nov 2005 - trip to China to give demonstration lectures and discuss articulation onto Napier Undergraduate programmes.
Shangdong University of Finance
Zhengzhou Institute of Light Engineering
2nd April 2007 The Higher Education Academy, Information and Computer Sciences, Programming Workshop
Sally Smith presented our work on progzoo, a gentle introduction to programming
Learning Conference 2005
The Twelfth International Conference on Learning, Grenada, Spain 11-14 July 2005
3rd Workshop on Teaching Learning and Assessment in Databases TLAD 2005
Gordon is presenting our paper at this one. 4th July 2005, Online Assessment and Checking of SQL: Detecting and Preventing Plagiarism
Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA 2004)
Lisbon, Portugal, 15-17 December 2004
Evonet summer school 2002
Szeged, Hungary
SSDBM 2002
PATAT 2002
I shall not be making it this year :( Gent, Belgium
Evonet Summer School
27 August - 1 September Thessaloniki, Greece
PATAT 2000, pictures
The 3rd international conference on the Practice And Theory of Automated Timetabling Wednesday, 16th August - Friday, 18th August 2000 Fachhochschule Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences Constance, Germany
Fourth International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
1998 European Juggling Convention
The 1998 Euro Juggle fest was in Edinburgh - Andrew missed it.
EVONET Summer School in Tours, France
He attended PATAT, the 2nd international conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling in Toronto.
He attended UITP "User Interfaces for Theorem Proving Assistants" in York in July.
The British Juggling Convention was held in Edinburgh this April. Andrew missed it.
Andrew was at AISB96 in Brighton from the 2nd April. This conference was held at the University of Sussex where Andrew spent his undergraduate years.
Andrew was on the organising committee of the First International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling ICPTAT95 Which was held at Napier University in August.
He presented a proposal for a standard data format for timetables: TAT.

Where does the name Ryka come from?

Ryka is an Iranian name, meaning loving boy.

What is that thing at the top of your page that crashes my browser / asks for a plugin that doesn't exist / slows my whole system down to crawling point / generally disturbs the otherwise placid world wide web?

An animated GIF, the latest thing, cool or WHAT?
A Java applet, these things will change the web for ever.
An embedded VRML world - without doubt the new wave!
The animation is controlled by a cookie - it cycles through different sequences - you can turn it on and off using this button

What did you look like in 1997 or 2002 or 2011?

Picture of Andrew. fatter, balder, smugger looking prosperous
Is it true that you know Clive Tooth?
Yes, I met him a couple of times - I was working for Unisys on the S40.
Is it true that you know Peter Burden?
Yes, I met him at Wolverhampton - summer 2004 during validation of a new degree programme. He has a page rated 8 by Google. The Wolverhampton academic map was probably the first useful thing that I found on the web.
Are you really Microsoft Certified?
Absolutely, I've been teaching several Microsoft exams C# .NET for Web and Windows and a Database exam. The transcript can be checked at
Transcript ID: 696260
Access Code:acumming