Brian Davison

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I teach in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University where I specialise mainly in relational database technology and the design of interactive systems. The job is flexible though, and I manage to cram in a number of other interesting activities along the way. For example, I am also working towards a PhD in wind turbine modelling, simulation and control with a target date of 2017.

When not at work, I am involved in a number of community projects in Leith - have a look at my list of links if you are curious...


I am part-time, so it's still early days. My current focus is on building a stochastic wind model to provide input to a wind turbine emulator. The PhD continues the work I started in my MSc which is available on the publications page.
Android development
CodeRace is a location-based game in which teams compete to claim locations on a map. Version 1 was used for an event in the Festival Fringe 2012 which was won by Edinburgh Hacklab.
Version 2 will be released on Google Play soon featuring the new Google Maps API v2 and team chat using Google Cloud Messaging.

Solar modelling
The Solar Toolkit is a reference library of solar calculations which came about as a by-product of a PhD that I was second supervisor on. It is implemented in VBA, uses Excel as a front end and can be used to build a range of applications.